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Gather friends who love sports and award-winning sports reform fighters, share and promote the concept of "sports change life", sports reform fighters combine sports to teach people who are lost in the trough to get back up, establish a positive growth mindset, and actively change their lives. Serving prisoners, rehabilitated persons, the elderly, youth; helping the poor and those with special needs.  


Encourage everyone to face adversity, get out of the predicament through sports, regain self-confidence,

Broaden your social network, actively face difficulties, and find a new way of life,Education Pro

Public participation in sports, health No.1 message, to benefit Hong Kong society.

[Transformation Service]

Case investigation, getting out of the predicament, public education, community benefit

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Sports Change Lives Ambassadors:Mr. Cen Xingfu  Triathlon champion
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Sports change life foundation Ltd

The association was founded in 2017 asHong Kong non-profit making organization/

Charity: 91/15986


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