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This project also supports persons in custody to continue to exercise after rejoining the society, to continue to cultivate a positive lifestyle in the community, to start a new page in life, and to achieve "transformation", that is, to change life through "exercise". At the same time, the sports coaches in charge of the project exercised with the ex-offenders, established good communication and mutual trust, and became "fellows" of the ex-offenders, encouraging and supporting them in their efforts to change, making them more determined to rehabilitate.

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Triathlon + Growththinking+ psychotherapy

Assisting inmates, rehabilitated persons, addicted persons, youth, disease heroes andSpecial needs friends change lives

Innovated a set of sports tools to inspire people with special needs to be a new person and cherish their precious life. Combining sports and reform fighters to teach people who are lost in the trough to get back up, build a positive growth mindset, regain self-esteem, goals, face difficulties, and meet social challenges.

Iron man spirit inspired thinking tools:


"Practice Thinking": Points to explain that doing exercise makes you smart, happy, natural anti-depression, and improves interpersonal relationships and communication


"Hard work thinking": Appreciate hard work, feel comfortable after hard work, enjoy the satisfaction of achieving the goal in the process

"Smooth thinking": The state of happiness and ecstasy does not require sleeping, eating, and ecstasy to participate in facing difficulties in life


"Peak Thinking": Stress is the transformation of nutrition into motivation, which can be used to train resilience and bring out the potential you should have


"Performance Thinking": Understand the traits required to do well and to get a sense of accomplishment, redesign the outcome of life

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